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Kandy is an example of the Buddhism's influence in Sri Lank today. Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic Ever since 4th Century A.D. when the Buddha's Tooth was brought to Sri Lanka hidden from sacrilegious hands in an Orissa princess hair, the Relic has grown in repute and holiness in Sri Lanka and throughout the Buddhist world.
Approx 55 miles from Colombo, off the Colombo Kandy road in Pinnawela, where an orphanage was started in 1975 to house the abandoned and the wounded elephants. The number of elephants has increased to more than 65 now; including baby elephants brought from various parts, as well as the 23 baby elephants born as a result of the captive breeding program.
Nearby Kandy, the Peradeniya Botanical Garden is easily one of the best of its kind in the world. The many beautiful avenues will lead one to sections which provide a burst of tropical color. The best known attraction of the garden is the Orchid house, which has more than 300 varieties of exquisite orchids from the rare indigenous Foxtail and Vesak orchids, to many natural and hybrid species which have made this one of the best known orchid centers in the world.
Sri Lanka is one of the largest sources of some of the finest gemstones in the world. A few of the priceless, treasures whose origins are traceable to Sri Lanka are Blue Giant of Orient, Logan Blue Sapphire, Blue Belle of Asia, Rossar Reeves Star Ruby, Star of Lanka and the Ray of Treasure.
The spices produced in Sri Lanka from ancient times, mainly cinnamon, was one of the prized commodities that led to fierce competition by many western powers to colonize the island. Spend a relaxing hour getting to know the various aromatic spices and preparations produced for export as well as domestic use.
The 'Little England' of Sri Lanka, is set against beautiful backdrops of Mountains, Valleys, Waterfalls and Tea plantations. It is supposed to be one of the coldest places on the island, but is really just like an England spring day although the temperature dose drops at night. All around Nuwara Eliya you will see evidences of the British influence. Houses are like country cottages or Queen Ann style mansions.
Kitulgala is a beautiful town situated on Colombo Hatton main road. The Kelani River that arises from the mountain area near Adam's peak flows through this town making it a popular place for white water rafting.
If you wish to view large herds of Sri Lanka's gentle giants, then your best bet would be to head over to the Minneriya National Park between the months of July and September. During this time it is possible to see herds of up to 150 elephants feeding and washing, as well as toque macaques, sambar deer and leopards. The hungry bird flocks include cormorants and painted storks.
Is famous for its elephant population, seen in small and large herds,. Spotted deer, Sambhur, Barking deer, Monkey, Wild Baffalo, Wild Boer, Sloth Bear and innumerable varieties of birds, endemic and migratory. Peacock is the most famous of the birds at Yala.
This Park comprises grasslands and thorn scrubs and many valuable species of trees are found within it. Large herds of Elephants and Deer species such as spotted Deer, Sambhur, Barking deer and Langur, Wild Boar, Water Buffalo, Jackal are some of the prominent wild animals found in this park.
This national park consists of many large and small water bodies such as lagoon, tanks (reservoirs) and salt pans. Apart from the wetland, the park consists of dry thorny scrub forest short in height. This type of forest is unique to the dry and arid parts of the country.
The plains are an expanse of misty grassland with scraggy trees and ice-cold rivulets. The unique feature of Horton Plains is World's End. It is consider to be the finest view in all of Sri Lanka. The awesome escarpment drops vertically for about 4,000 ft, hence its name. you can also see the beautiful Bakers fall. The park shelters mammals such as samburs, leopards, monkeys and endemic lizards.
Sigiriya is an ancient rock fortress that sits atop a large stone plateau. It is graced with well-known ancient paintings that are reminiscent of the Ajanta Caves of India. Sigiriya is also known as Lion Rock because of the huge lion that used to stand at the entrance to the fortress. This lion staircase leading to the palace garden on the summit is the most significant feature of the rock. The outer wall of the palace which is the main building was constructed on the very brink of the precipice.
Dambulla also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla is a World Heritage Site (1991) in Sri Lanka, situated in the central part of the country. It is the largest and best-preserved cave temple complex in Sri Lanka. The Dambulla temple is composed of five caves, which have been converted into shrine rooms with statues and paintings are representative of many epochs of Sinhala sculpture and art.
Anuradhapura is the first capital of Sri Lanka from 5th century B.C to 10th century A.D. The remains of 15 centuries as a capital found in a vast area. From smaller monuments such as Tuparama and Lankarama to gigantic, 400 feet high Jetawana Dagaba, Abhayagiriya and Ruwanweliseya and the most sacred Bo tree well guarded up to this day are found here.
Polonnaruwa is the second capital of Sri Lanka which lasted for about 200 years from about 1055 AD. But there is evidence that Polonnaruwa was a strategic point during Anuradhapura period. When large irrigation works commenced after king Vasaba some of the complexes irrigation networks and large tanks were constructed in Polonnaruwa area. The Kingdom was completely self-sufficient during King Parakramabahu's reign.
World famous Ella Gap commence from around Ella Town. Within 5-10 minutes drive you'll be able to reach historical sites which runs about 3000 years of heritage. Though Ella is in the hill country of Sri Lanka you can see the Eastern and southern beach side from this spectacular site. Ella Rock is remarkable for the cave popularly known as the Cave of Rawana, as the story of Ramayanaya, it was here that the King Rawana kept beautiful Seetha in custody. The railway from Bandarawela to Badulla passes over the famous bridge called 'Nine Arch Bridge' which is totally built on bricks and also the area is very picturesque with green mountains and valleys.
Galle is the most important southern town with an old world charm. Believed to be 'Tarshish' of the bible, its natural harbor was a famous fort in days gone by. Famous for its Dutch fort, lace marking, embony carving and gem polishing.
It is a very popular surfing center ranked 3rd among the best 20 beaches of the world by the British Surfers Associations. Arugambay has once again turned into the surfing hotspot that it was and features many international surfing competitions annually.
Is famed its natural harbor. Described by Admiral Lord Nelson as the finest harbor in the world and ranked as the 5th largest natural harbors. All water sports are available here including fishing and sea angling. Whale watching in the sanctuary is a specialty.
Hikkaduwa the famous coral reef and scuba diving gets tourist's more pleasure. Hikkaduwa beach has a special place for its exquisite white sands and uniquely beautiful corals that has lured many visitors and tourists to take a glimpse at the marvels that can be seen in full abundance.
Sri Lanka has its own indigenous scheme of traditional medicine (Ayurveda). This system has been practiced For many centuries in the island nation.
There are 27 varieties of marine mammals swimming in the sea around Sri Lanka, the commonest of which are listed below. If you are lucky you may see few varieties. Blue Whale, Sperm Whale, Fine Whale, Bryde's Whale, Humpback Whale, Fales Killer Whale, Pygmy Killer Whale and Short-finned Whale. Common Dolphin, Battle-nose Dolphin, Spinner Dolphin, Risso's Dolphin and Striped Dolphin.
Bentota resort complex in a romantic rendezvous of river and sea with several hotels, railway station, post office, shopping arcade, cafeteria and an open air theatre showing folk and mask dancing with clusters of palms overlooking everything. Interesting boat trips to the hamlets bordering the river and the Meethiyagoda Moonstone mines nearby. Most hotels have facilities for water sports.
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