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Discover all the wonders of Sri Lanka

'Ayubowan', our traditional greeting means 'May you live long', and a long life is what you will need to discover all the wonders of Sri Lanka, our island of small miracles, a land like no other.

We will guide you through each step, from planning your itinerary and making hotel reservations to arranging your transportation. We will be there to meet you when you arrive at the airport. We will assign a knowledgeable and friendly guide to take good care of you on your journey of discovery.

You may explore mysterious old cities over 2000 years old, dotted with giant dagobas; see ruins of ancient palaces, lily ponds and bathing pools, cave temples and rock fortresses all replete with sculpture, carving and colourful frescoes. Be spellbound by festivals, when streets are lit up with giant pandals, and lanterns made of bamboo and multi-coloured paper, or fire-lit street parades of caparisoned elephants, dancers and drummers. Hike through rain forests teaming with life, climb a holy mountain to worship the rising sun at dawn, or ride on a train passing sleepy hamlets and busy towns, through dark rocky tunnels, miles of verdant green hillside and past gushing waterfalls. Take a boat out to sea to see whales and dolphins. The more energetic among you could surf on the crest of a curving breaker or raft on the rapids of a foaming river.

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Hi, my name is Nilam Sahabdeen. I am a touristic guide in Sri Lanka. I live in Kandy, in the center of this beautiful island, and I have been driving travelers around for many years now. I know Sri lanka as much as I love it, and I intend to share my passion with you. I drive well and safely, and luxery vehicles with AC. I speak english, of course ! And also japanese, and a little french. Please have a look at the customers feedback to know more about me.